11/28/22 A note from Team Iris:

Tyler was in an accident which left him badly burned. He will be receiving treatment at a Burn Center out of state for several weeks. We appreciate your patience during this time as we work to fill orders. Please expect delays and thank you for your understanding.

Since 1982, specializing in fresh,
 certified organic,
ecologically ethical
and ethically wildcrafted
essential oils, salves
and other aromatherapy
body care products,
all hand-made with
no synthetics and
no animal testing.

Iris Herbal Products


Special Order Products

If there is a product you used to purchase from Cathy on the old site that is not available on the new site, it is still available for purchase! Bath oils, Chakra oils, Health Enhancement oils and Ritual oils are now only being offered as Special Orders along with any other item not available on the new site. Please follow instructions on that page to place your order.


We currently offer 44 aromatherapy products, all handmade using the highest quality ingredients – several of which we wildcraft or grow organically. Our products contain no artificial chemicals. and all ingredients are cruelty free, and fair trade where possible.

We feature a large selection of pure, natural, authentic unadulterated essential oils of mostly ecologically ethical (un-certified organic), ethically wild-crafted, or certified organic origins.