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Healthy Vegetarian Protein

As someone who has been trying to counter the anti-meat bias of many natural food connected nutritionists, let me say now: I was a vegetarian for 27 years. My problem was that I mostly ate too much soy, especially all those “fast-food” type products like tofu hot dogs. Hey, I was young, busy, didn’t like to cook, and worked long hours at physical labor. Whatever was the easiest. And if I had really known what I know now, I might still have been a vegetarian, but I would have done it differently.

 Too much soy can cause problems, one of which is a compromised thyroid. So although the link I’m featuring today is great info, I personally disagree with their caveat to keep soy consumption to one serving a day: if it’s tempeh or miso, fine. But tofu and soy milk are processed foods, and actually can be very hard to digest. So my nutrition advice is to keep tofu consumption to once a week, and skip the soy milk altogether. And absolutely: only organic. Otherwise you get more than you bargained for, in the form of GMO’s.

From is a great article on the healthiest vegetarian sources of protein. Go HERE to check them out.

Even as a meat eater, I do not sit down to a steak! I use small amounts of healthy meat, and eat all of the vegetarian sources of protein in the article cited except soy. There is actually some interesting research that says that eating both vegetarian and animal proteins together is healthier than just one or the other.