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Statin drugs, when taken after a first heart attack to prevent a second heart attack, have shown to be useful (if you wish to take a pharmaceutical drug in the first place). However, statin drugs, when taken to prevent a first heart attack, have come under increasing scrutiny, and basically the studies do not support its use for prevention  of a first heart attack. You can read a very good synopsis of the studies and data supporting this  HERE

And then there are the significant side effects: the GreenMedInfo folks have kindly collated a truly horrifying compendium of what can go wrong if “susceptible’ individuals use statins. For a detailed list (with references) visit this page before you use or continue using statin drugs. Oh, and what constitutes “susceptible”, you might ask? When you experience the side (meaning unwanted) effect, then you are “susceptible” to that (unwanted and usually negative)  effect.

If you are taking statin drugs, and wish to continue, then please take at least 50 mg of Co Q10, as statins severely deplete this nutrient…. which coincidentally helps our hearts….Also, the GreenMedInfo folks have compiled some interesting info on a natural alternative/Red Yeast Rice to statin therapy. You can read about it here.

Next week we’ll take a look at the daunting issue of cholesterol…which may be as much a friend as a foe.