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30th Anniversary, etc.

This Sunday is Iris Herbal’s 30th anniversary. Back in 1982 I first visited New Mexico on a road trip…and part of that journey was “testing” a few salves and massage oils on the folks we visited. Good thing I got positive feedback!

In our ongoing discourse on epigenetics, I’ve been focusing on the importance of eating good, real food to positively affect gene expression. The flip side of this equation is getting rid of toxins, as well as lessening the intake of toxins, as they adversely affect gene expression. It really is that simple…and devilishly difficult to implement…mostly because of the ubiquity of GMO food in supermarkets, including ones we probably frequent. Anytime the label says “natural,” it may be anything but.

This whole GMO enterprise has only been the unwelcome guest since 1996; but in that short amount of time corn, soy, sugar beets, canola and a few other foods are now GMO if they aren’t certified organic. There is a huge movement to label GMO foods, so that consumers may make an informed choice. Here are a couple of great actions in which to participate:

Tell the EPA to ban glyphosphate

The California Right To Know GMO Food Act (and how to donate to help make this historic ballot measure win)

and here’s a great graphic from (and more info if you click on either link)  JUST LABEL IT and CITIZEN”S FOR HEALTH

Happy Spring!


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October is Non-GMO Month

We’re taking a brief hiatus from fermentation to report on the latest political action and scientific studies regarding GMO food, and the fight to at least label the stuff.

For studies on animals that show GMO food is detrimental to their health (and oh by the way, we are animals also!) please go HERE for an excellent article by Jeffery Smith, author of Seeds of Deception.

For info on what natural foods may be contaminated with GMO, please read  HERE 

More  HERE  from Jeffery Smith about the current political fight to control/label GMO’s, and how we really need grassroots action.

The Institute for Responsible Technology has filed a legal petition asking the FDA to demand labeling of GMO foods. If you go HERE  you can sign the petition as well as see a video. Then you can pass this along to your network of friends.

The Global Justice Ecology Project has a petition to try to stop a huge planting of GE trees in the southeast. You can go  HERE to read more about this spectacularly bad idea and sign a petition.

Citizen’s For Health, a consumer watchdog organization, has info  HERE about the Right2Know March on Washington to demand the labeling of GMO foods.

And last but never least, you can go to the Organic Consumer’s Association homepage  HERE for lots of current info on everything happening to slow/stop/label GMO foods internationally.

I am reminded  of various campaigns I have participated in over the years: our actions really do matter. The more we are told they do not, the more we realize we are making an impact.