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Ice Cream Olympics!

I may be vying for eclectic blog of the year…

This is an educational program about place, food security, local wisdom, nature-as-teacher, and just “plain” fun. The event, Ice Cream Olympics in the New Mexico Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, is a ‘sport” where kids of all ages make ice cream with locally-sourced flavoring ingredients in small balls that are “churned” via games.

Will you help us go from Monument to Legacy?

We are seeking $3650 to expand the education program to support:

  • Getting  local experts; the artists, educators and ecologists involved to co-create with local young people, student centered, curriculum aligned resources that engage with the intimate ecology of the natural world and the local agri / bio cultural traditions that have arisen from it.
  • and we want to do this with educational hikes, workshops and a youth produced digital archive and online radio program documenting the local (agri) cultural practices old and new of Taos County –  a vehicle for real world place-based learning.

To help us manifest the on-going educational part of this project, please go HERE to donate (tax deductible). Even just $5.00 will help. And the bonus: what we create will be offered to others to use in their/your locality!

And if you happen to be a New Mexican reader, our first FREE hike (led by yours truly: Edible and Medicinal Herbs) is this Saturday, September 14th at the Wild Rivers (The Chiflo Trail) in Cerro, NM, at 9:30 am (bring your lunch, hiking shoes, etc.) You can call me @877-286-2970 for more info and directions.