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Health Care, American Style

I hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July holiday. We got to celebrate with RAIN. And not a moment too soon in the droughty northern New Mexican San Luis Valley.

In all of the health care debate, including reams of paper generated about whether or not the Supreme Court would uphold the health care act, not too much has been said about the bill’s effect upon integrative (alternative, holistic) medicine. The issue for many of us was not whether or not the US should  have universal health care, but what kind of health care would be covered. If we were going to be mandated to purchase insurance, then we wanted that insurance to cover the health care that we think is beneficial. Also, many of us wanted the insurance companies out of the picture altogether, with a single payer option.

In my 30 plus years of talking with thousands of people about their health, I continue to be amazed and appalled at the low-level of health care most people receive from AMA and government sanctioned health care providers. With mandated government approved health insurance, we have no guarantees that anything holistic will be included. Some of the pricier policies include chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. But many of us will continue to pay out-of-pocket for what we believe is better health care than the mainstream offerings. And for many, the most important issue is: Will any of the new policies be just “catastrophic care” with higher deductibles? For a good article that goes into more depth on this issue, go HERE. 

As any alternative health care provider will tell you: prevention is better than trying to cure. Eat well; enjoy the fresh air; walk; laugh; hang out with friends; sleep 8 hours; drink lots of clean water; learn something new.