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Help Defeat GMO Corn on Steroids (Agent Orange, Folks!)

Dow’s 2,4-D corn is a bad idea. Pass it on.

Stop the GE pipeline

Let’s change “on hold” to “denied.” Urge your friends to help us stop             2,4-D corn!

Dear Friend of Healthy Farming,

There will be no 2,4-D corn planted in 2013. This is very, very good news for farmers and rural communities across the country — and you helped make it happen.

The outrage of farmers, consumers, public health officials and concerned citizens like you has slowed approval of Dow’s new genetically engineered (GE) product. But the company is still pushing hard for approval, now hoping to have this next generation of herbicide-tolerant corn in the ground by 2014.

Tell your friends!» We need all hands on deck for a final push to change “on hold” to “denied.” Your signature — along with more than 400,000 others — has already been delivered to USDA Secretary Vilsack. Now we’re asking that you urge your friends to sign on.

Farmers don’t want these new GE crops. Organic and conventional farmers alike are worried about damage to their crops from 2,4-D drift; they also cite health risks to their families, especially their children who are particularly vulnerable to the chemical.

And as you already know, Dow’s 2,4-D corn is just the first in a full pipeline of new herbicide-tolerant GE products. Millions of acres of weeds are now resistant to Monsanto’s RoundUp, leading farmers to spray more and to turn to older, even more hazardous herbicides (like 2,4-D) to try to beat back the weeds. No one wins in this chemical arms race — except the “Big 6” pesticide companies.


All hands on deck» We can win this battle. As the 2,4-D delay shows, our opposition is making a difference. Now we need to see it to the finish line, and stop the GE pipeline once and for all. The next batch of signatures will be delivered soon; please urge your friends to sign on.

Thanks for all you do!