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Epigenetics: Why You Want to Know About It

The January issue of National Geographic features an article on twins, and how studies¬†about twins, especially those separated at birth, are shedding light on a relatively new field of science called epigenetics, or how our genes are “expressed.” Let me quote here from the article:

SAME GENES, DIFFERENT PEOPLE: Identical twins are born with the same DNA but can become surprisingly different as they grow older. A booming field called epigenetics is revealing how factors like stress and nutrition can cause this divergence by changing¬† how individual genes behave. “Things written in pen you can’t change: That’s DNA,” says geneticist Danielle Reed. “Things written in pencil you can change. That’s epigenetics.”

So it turns out that alternative health care advocates are correct when they say that how we eat and manage stress really matters. In the next few blogs I’ll explore this a bit, as well as start referring to some of the best nutritional research that is coming across my desk, so to speak.