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Flu Shot? Maybe Not!

Before I get into the details: full disclosure: I have never gotten a flu shot. My only up close and personal experience with the flu shot was kissing someone who had just gotten their flu shot…we both got sick!

The number one reason why folks get flu shots is to prevent them from getting the flu. If you go HERE you will see evidence that very few folks actually benefit from the flu shots. You’ll read an article about a new scientific study in The Lancet that concludes that less than 2 out of 100 people actually benefit from the shot, not the 60% that the media touts.

Then there is the very real possibility of injury! Who knew…You can go HERE  to read an article about side effects.

If you are really brave, you can go to , and specifically HERE (my professional member access to flu vaccinations) and read about how to deal with the problems of the flu shot. Better yet, just don’t get one!