Letting Go of Fear


Coriandrum sativum, Cupressus sempervirens, Citru sinensis, Ormensis multicaulis, Melissa officinalis and Citrus aurantium

Size: 2 fluid oz. amber glass spray bottle

Aroma: this blend creates a rich, sweet, spicy scent with floral, balsamic, woody and citrus notes.

Planets: Venus, Saturn, Sun and Jupiter

Notes: top, middle, middle to base

Influence on the mind and emotions: Coriander is uplifting and refreshing, bringing creativity and confidence; Cypress is soothing and centering, contributing strength and direction; Sweet Orange is uplifting and positive, adding resolute courage; Ormensis is relaxing and soothing, bringing grounding and wisdom; Melissa is both calming and uplifting, instilling a positive outlook; and Neroli is relaxing and loving, offering emotional tranquility.

Key qualities and character: Motivating and encouraging, protective and wise, warming and energizing, mindful and calming, supportive and peaceful.

Traditional uses and folklore: Coriander, once grown in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, has been used since ancient times for medicine (constipation and insomnia), food (the Egyptians called it the spice of happiness), flavoring (of various wines and liqueurs), and in cosmetics (an ingredient of the 17th century French Carmelite toilette water). Cypress, often planted in graveyards, has long been valued as a medicine (astringent tonic), incense (for purification), and for its wood (made into houses, ships, sarcophagi and statues of deities), both in the eastern Mediterranean and in Asia. Sweet Orange, Melissa and Neroli: see their individual profiles in previous synergies. Ormensis, a relatively new essential oil, is native to north-west Africa, and is distantly related to the Chamomiles botanically, and for that reason is often called Wild or Moroccan Chamomile.

Skin care: balancing and cleansing tonic to most skin types.

Precautions: use in moderation; a few individuals may be sensitive.

Ingredients: Ecologically ethical aromatic hydrosol of Orange Blossom (Neroli) (from France), essential oils of ecologically ethical and/or certified organic Coriander Select, Cypress, Sweet Orange Ormensis, Melissa, and Neroli , and Eco-cert coconut emulsifier.

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Weight .39 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 5 in


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