Eucalyptus, Peppermint




Botanical NameEucalyptus dives
Part of Plant: Leaf
Cultivation: Ethically wildcrafted
Origin: South Africa
Size: 1/3 oz. (10 ml)
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Precautions: Do not use internally. Externally: non-toxic, non-irritant (in dilution) and non-sensitizing. Some authorities recommend avoiding during pregnancy. Use with caution on small children: see Gully Gum Eucalyptus.

For more information, see Peppermint Eucalyptus oil profile.

Cathy’s Comments: Peppermint (or Broadleaf ) eucalyptus has a bright, effervescent aroma that smells like a blend of eucalyptus with just a touch of sweet peppermint (from the piperitone). It is a great mucolytic, so really shines when one is dealing with any respiratory issues, especially bronchitis. Also good for pain relief.


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