Eucalyptus, Narrow Leaf




Botanical NameEucalyptus radiata
Part of Plant: Leaf
Cultivation: Ecologically ethical
Origin: Australia
Size: 1/3 oz. (10 ml)
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Precautions: Do not use internally. Externally: non-toxic, non-irritant (in dilution) and non-sensitizing. Some authorities recommend avoiding during pregnancy. Use with caution on small children: see Gully Gum Eucalyptus. Generally milder than Blue Gum Eucalyptus.

For more information, see Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus oil profile.

Cathy’s Comments: Eucalyptus radiata oil is called Black or Narrow Leaved Eucalyptus. Although it shares a common cineole aroma with other eucalyptus oils, analytically it is unique. The primary difference is the presence of the constituent, piperitone, also a component of peppermint, and 3 to 4 percent aldehydes, which lend it a particularly broad spectrum of action (especially anti-viral and anti-inflammatory) compared to the other eucalyptus oils. It’s scent is a bit more mellow, and folks who find the Blue Gum a bit too strong might prefer this one’s aroma. 


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