Damask Rose (Rose Otto)



Aroma: in general — deep, rich, sweet floral that is warming, uplifting and tenacious. The Damask is slightly spicy, the Cabbage is spicy and honey-like, the Bourbon is complex with fruity and musky undertones, and all four together is exquisite.
Planet: Venus
Note: middle to base
Influence on the mind and emotions: All roses help one deal with relationship issues (good for visualizing positive, loving connections); lift the heart and ease stress; helps one deal with grief, melancholy and loss, as well as lack of confidence in one’s desirability. The Damask Rose is especially helpful for fear of loving or not being loved, broken-heartedness and emotional crisis.
Key qualities and character: Damask: loving, harmonizing, comforting, caring; gentle, peaceful, euphoric.
Traditional uses and folklore: This was the first flower distilled (primarily for the aromatic hydrosol known as Rose water and used extensively in food and cosmetics) in 10th Century Persia. Metaphysically, the red and white roses were symbolic of different stages of alchemical work and attainment (as well as the symbols of the royal houses of Lancaster and York in England). It is often called the Queen of flowers and the Romans strewed petals on the bridal bed. In the mystical Christian tradition St. Dominic had a vision of the Virgin Mary and received the first rosary, each bead scented with rose, while in Mexico Juan Diego witnessed Our Lady of Guadalupe with out of season blooming roses. The Greeks considered the rose as originating from the blood of Adonis, the Turks the blood of Venus and the Arabs the sweat of Mohammed. The rose has been used by many cultures to invoke the sacred feminine, as an aid to meditation, an aphrodisiac, and as a symbol of purity and divine love.
Skin care: has a tonic and astringent effect upon the capillaries; for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive, aging, reddened and itchy; cell rejuvenator, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.
Precautions: best not used during the first trimester of pregnancy, but otherwise one of the safest oils.
Ingredients: Ecologically ethical aromatic hydrosol of Rose (from Turkey) and ecologically ethical essential oil of Rose Otto (from Bulgaria) , and Eco-cert coconut emulsifier.
Size: 1 fluid oz. amber glass spray bottle


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