Complete Orange



Aroma: The warm tangy freshness of Bitter Orange mixed with the sweet zesty fruitiness of Sweet Orange joined with the rich exquisite floral aroma of Neroli combined with the fresh floral–woody scent of Petitgrain. Altogether a lovely evocation of the full range of Orange aromas.
Planet: Sun
Note: middle to top
Influence on the mind and emotions: a mixture of the attributes of Neroli, with the sunny and optimistic Sweet Orange and the self-confidence and inner vision of Petitgrain.
Key qualities and character: warming, happy, restoring, balancing, peaceful and loving.
Traditional uses and folklore: Same as Neroli, with the addition of Petitgrain, which has been extensively used as a fragrance ingredient in soaps, perfumes and cosmetics, employed as a deodorant and hair rinse, and as an aid to convalescence.
Skin care: the addition of Petitgrain brings further toning, especially for problem skin prone to excessive perspiration.
Precautions: same as Neroli and Bitter Orange. Sweet Orange is also photo-sensitizing; Petitgrain has no precautions.
Ingredients: Aromatic hydrosol of ecologically ethical Neroli (Bitter Orange blossom from France) and ecologically ethical essential oils of Bitter Orange peel, Sweet Orange (peels of domestic and wild), and Petitgrain bigarade leaf, and Eco-cert coconut emulsifier.
Size: 2 fluid oz. amber glass spray bottle


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