Chamomile Combination



Aroma: (German/Blue) pungent, herbaceous with a seaweed note; (Roman) sweet, warm, herbaceous with a fruity note.
Planet: both Sun and Moon
Note: middle
Influence on the mind and emotions: soothing for all stress-related complaints; calms the mind and assists with developing a relaxed, patient, empathic serenity.
Key qualities and character: Peaceful and healing (both); strong and cooling (German/blue) combined with harmonizing and spiritual (Roman).
Traditional uses and folklore: Used by the ancient Egyptians for intermittent fevers; one of the Saxon’s sacred herbs: in use around the Mediterranean area and in Europe for over 2000 years, especially to deal with nervous complaints, digestive issues, liver problems, sleeplessness and children’s illnesses; has been used in cosmetics, soaps, perfumes, care products and to flavor food and alcoholic drinks.
Skin care: Excellent skin cleanser; useful for all skin problems, especially when the skin is dry, inflamed, sensitive and compromised.
Precautions: Some authorities advise to not use during the first trimester of pregnancy; generally non-toxic and non-irritating, though may cause dermatitis in some individuals.
Ingredients: Certified organic aromatic hydrosol of Roman Chamomile (from the USA) , essential oils of ecologically ethical German (Blue) and Roman Chamomile, and Eco-cert coconut emulsifier.
Size: 2 fluid oz. spray bottle


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