Camphor, White




Botanical NameCinnamomum camphora
Part of Plant: Wood
Cultivation: Ethically wildcrafted
Origin: China
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy. Not for use on children. Use in moderation.
Size: 1/3 oz. (10 ml)

For more information, see White Camphor oil profile.

Cathy’s Comments: Camphor oil has a somewhat medicinal nose-opening clean aroma. It has been highly recommended in aromatherapy for respiratory congestion, infections, and muscle cramping, and most folks use it in muscle rubs. However, it can also relieve neuralgia and boost libido! Here’s where the dose is critical: because it can desensitize nerves and relax the brain, it is important to use very sparingly and NEVER internally.


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