Whole Plant Synergies

When an aromatic plant is distilled to extract its essential oil components, hot steam acts like a solvent, and carries out a large variety of chemical constituents from the crushed, fresh plant. As the steam condenses and cools, two liquids are present. There’s a larger amount of water, in which the water soluble components (primarily water soluble acids) are found. Often called a flower water, the technical name is aromatic hydrosol or hydrolat. This hydrosol contains a tiny percentage of dissolved essential oil.

Usually floating on top of the hydrosol is the essential oil of the plant, made up of the water insoluble chemical compounds from the plant. The tiny amount of essential oil found in solution in the hydrosol is different in chemical make up from the concentrated pure oil from the same distillation process.

By combining the two liquids – hydrosol and essential oil – from the same plant, and emulsifying them so that the oil and water mix, we have a liquid that embodies the full fragrance and chemistry of the distilled plant: thus, a whole plant synergy. Store in a cool place out of the direct sun. The shelf life is at least one year, and longer if refrigerated.

All whole plant synergies (below) are packaged in 2 oz. amber spray bottles.


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Showing 1–9 of 12 results