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Welcome to Cathy’s Blog

Last year I thought I’d start a blog…well, here it is a year later, and NOW I’m ready, thanks to a local friend who is helping me navigate the intricacies of computer land (for those who know me personally, I’ve been a neo-Luddite for years).

On this weekly blog, I will be sharing 35 years of research and experience regarding nutrition, herbs, essential oils, and nutritional supplements., along with interesting links, and the occasional photo.  I’m going to try a moderated blog, and we’ll see how manageable that is.

Here is the first link that I’m sharing that I found interesting. {I will be drawing from numerous health sites; be aware that many of these sites have advertising, and want to sell you stuff;  however, the info I’m citing is good}. This link goes to a website that cites a lot of major research, much of which does not seem to hit the mainstream press. Click  HERE and you will find out about low-fat diets and Type 2 Diabetes.