Affordable quality that puts your health first.

Iris Herbal specializes in fresh, certified organic & ethically wildcrafted essential oils, herbal tinctures, salves and body care products all hand-made with no synthetics and no animal testing.

At present I use more than 175 essential oils, which come from all over the world. Of the 70 essential oils which are used most frequently, all are ethically wildcrafted, certified organic, or unsprayed. Many products, especially the salves, contain infused oils. Of the 13 infused oils, 10 of them are grown organically in my garden or wild craft near my home. Most of the essential oil blends were only added to the catalogue after friends, various massage therapists, their clients and I used them on ourselves. No ingredient or product of Iris has ever been tested on animals.

Blessed be,            Cathy Hope