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Free access to cancer info

Dear Friends,

Ever since the first free webinar series (which one could also purchase) about gluten sensitivity there have been multiple series about many pressing health problems. Much of the information has been pretty decent, and often collated from a good variety of alternative practitioners and sources. This one regarding cancer seems like another good bet to watch, with an interesting line up. I’ve earmarked 5 of the 9 episodes as having possibly new information for me, and I study this stuff as part of my business. It’s still tricky trying to process new information as I heal from my accident, but that’s what note taking is for!

So if you’d like free access (which lasts for approx. the time of the episode’s showing and then 23 hours afterwards) please sign up using this link

Too many of my friends and relatives have battled cancer, not always successfully. Let’s support one another in finding ways to prevent cancer, not just naively buying big medical’s hype about early detection. And not all alternative cancer treatments are wishful thinking and quackery: some really work well, even though they are demonized by big pharma.



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  1. Thanks, Cathy, good info. We did a free telesummit on preventing cancer and its recurrence. We interviewed several women on exposing and exploring the environmental causes of cancer. Folks can sign up here:

    I also find the discussions about “Pinkwashing” very interesting. Women’s Voices for the Earth is doing a lot of work in this area. Folks can read their post “Think Before You Pink” here:

    Thanks for all you do, Genny

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