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Marching Against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto. May 25. Everywhere.

When Tami Canal, mom and activist, conjured up the idea of a March Against Monsanto protest, she figured that if she attracted 3,000 people on the event’s Facebook  page, she could count that as a success. As of Tuesday, May 21, 93,381 people had “liked” the page. But the real success is this: Also on May 21, the number of March against Monsanto events scheduled to take place around the world hit 400 – in 49 countries. “I can’t help but smile,” she told us.

And what does Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto, think about 400 protests, worldwide, against his company? Oh, those pesky protesters are just a bunch of “elitists” who want to deprive poor people of cheap food.

The big day is coming up. You can still find an event near you. Or if you act fast, you can create your own.

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Organize your own march

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Reminds me of my “hippie” days when I marched on Washington against the Vietnam War, and for the environment, women’s rights, and gay rights. Solidarity strengthens one’s resolve.


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