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More Info On Staying Healthy This Winter

Here’s some good advice about which foods to eat more of to help prevent colds and flu.

Prone to respiratory infections? Check out this Swedish study on Vit D.

Here’s the summary from a great, fairly detailed scientific article on boosting immunity and immune response:

To read the entire article, go HERE.


Basic nutrition can make a profound difference in fighting the flu. Generally improved nutrition in our country would reduce the spread and severity of any seasonal flu, reduce the severity of flu symptoms, and reduce the overall number of flu cases.

Whether or not you get a flu vaccine is your choice (I’m no fan, as outlined in my article, The Narrow Scope of Flu Vaccine Usefulness). Regardless of whether you do or don’t get a flu vaccine, nutrition is profoundly beneficial to help your immune system perform in a time of need.

An idea as simple as making immune cells is of extreme importance and requires protein, iron, folic acid, and B12.

Dendritic cells are vital players in the response to any flu challenge and especially when the type of flu coming around has not been seen before. Dendritic cells must function under very high stress, and so need the ability to tolerate excessive antigen presentation and inflammation.

The key nutrients that allow this are vitamin D and vitamin A; lactoferrin can also be used. Quercetin works synergistically in this picture to reduce inflammation involving front line troops. Many other nutrients have anti-inflammatory properties that would lend support to better balance within this vital system.

Improving the efficient function of immune cells is vital. Zinc and vitamin C head the list, and are supported by the entire antioxidant network (NAC, vitamin E, etc).

Managing stress, improving digestion, reducing any inflammatory health problem (not with immune suppressing or toxic drugs), and losing weight healthfully are all extremely beneficial toward creating the likelihood for a healthier immune response in a time of need.


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  1. Hi Cathy, I wanted to share with you our recent influenza experience. My daughter came down with it very fast a week ago. I thought it was bacterial, the doc assumed it was viral and gave her Theraflu for many days, with Tylenol, that’s it. She has been very very sick, and is barely eating and getting out of bed now. Her natural doc here gave her a product yesterday I have never heard of, but it sounds like it does what Theraflu does only better — it reduces bacteria and viruses. It is called Monolaurin $17 for 90 caps 1,100 mg each, Adult dose is two a day. We are all taking it as we are all exposed.

    Aromatherapy: my daughter’s first symptom was headache. I felt my head doing strange things and started putting Essential Oils neat on the top of my head: red thyme (which burns), tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender. I have been doing this twice a day and on grandson too. Also burning it constantly throughout the house. I am also using a smelling salts of same EOs. So far, my grandson and I have no flu, and the head stuff goes away soon after top of the head EO application.

    I always appreciate your newsletters. Blessings, Genny

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