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Who Owns Organics?

This nifty set of graphics show you exactly which brands are owned by whom….very interesting.

I’m enjoying going to my local Farmer’s Markets to supplement what I’m growing in my garden this summer. It’s fun, social (and if one gardens, there’s nobody like another gardener to talk about the latest success and/or fiasco), and helps me feel better on so many levels. It’s heartbreakingly easy to get upset and depressed by news and politics…and delightfully energizing to compliment people on their hard work and beautiful displays of yumminess.

2 thoughts on “Who Owns Organics?

  1. just looked at the link – just under the first diagram (where it says “changes since 2009), it says Nestle acquired Cadbury/green&black in 2010. not true! Nestle didn’t acquire Cadbury/green&black, Kraft did. 🙁 Can we believe/trust the other things in this chart diagram in light of this glaring mistake?

    1. That’s like asking if we can trust The New Yorker, with their famously accurate fact-checking,,,and still they occasionally have that little box that says, oh by the way we made a mistake… It would be interesting to see what their (the generators of the graphic) response is if you chose to bring their attention to this matter. The bottom line: most of the companies I bought from in my 20’s when I worked at a co-op are now owned by larger corporations. Not a move I consider positive, though I’m sure the original owners were very happy to ‘cash out.”

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