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Nutritious CAN Be Delicious

I’ve been making this desert for half a dozen years, and every year the sugar content goes down with no loss of sweetness….I’m retraining my taste buds!

Apple Crisp with Dried Fruit

this recipe is for a 13″ by 9″ by 2″ baking pan; adjust as necessary for smaller pans

The fruit part on the bottom:

4 lbs. of apples, cored and sliced (OR, any combo of fruit you like;  I’ve used cherries, peaches, mangoes, pears, plums & strawberries, sometimes alone, but more often in combinations)

1 and 1/2 cups of dried tart cherries ( or any dried fruit you enjoy: raisins, currants, blueberries, sweet cherries…)

1 T of xylitol (a type of sugar that is not cavity producing)

1 T of lemon juice (only if you are using apples and don’t want them to darken)

1 T of flour (this can be gluten-free; I use Bob’s Red Mill sweet sorghum flour)

2/4th tsp powdered cinnamon

Mix the above in a bowl (or just layer directly) and put into the buttered baking pan

The Topping:

1 and 1/2 cups of rolled oats

3/4 ths cup flour (the sweet sorghum is gluten-free and very tasty, but you can use spelt or whole wheat flour)

1/2 tsp powdered cinnamon

1/4 th tsp salt

mix these 4 ingredients together in a large bowl; then add the following:

1 stick of organic butter that is softened (rub in the butter to form a coarse meal); then add:

3/4 ths to 1 cup of chopped soaked nuts (the original recipe called for almonds, but I’ve also used Brazil nuts, pecans &/or walnuts)

1/2 cup of crystalized ginger (and here is your sugar!) chopped small

Mix it all together; spoon onto the fruit, and pat down so it covers the fruit; and place in a pre-heated 375 degree oven for 40 to 55 minutes until the top is browned. At 7700 feet above sea level this dish is perfectly done at 50 minutes.

Serve warm or cold; plain or with yogurt. YUMMY!!! (and chock full of healthy carbs, fat and protein).

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  1. Thank you, Cathy! Your timing is perfect. i was just telling my GrandDaughter about cobblers, but I didn’t have a recipe. I am gluten free and she is finding out how delicious it is. This is another opportunity. We will make this in the toaster oven so we don’t heat the house. Genny

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