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The Demise of the Measuring Cup

This title has rattled around in my head for days. It’s not entirely accurate: any supermarket will have glass or plastic measuring cups for sale…but what they won’t have, and neither will anyone else (at least the last time I checked) is an 8 oz., 16 oz. or a 32 oz. glass measuring “cup” with all of the ounces marked on the side. Look carefully at your measuring cup: unless it is an older model, the individual ounces are no longer printed on the side, but rather delineations of 1/4th cup, 1/3rd cup, 1/2 cup, etc.

I could launch into why’s or lamentations, and nothing would change, So. I’m putting out the word: I need some old-time type glass measuring cups in the cup, pint and quart sizes, and am willing to pay for them, including shipping. They are incredibly useful in my work; I’ve broken several over 30 years of business; and the new-fangled, simplified models are useless. So if you have an older model (I especially like the “Fire King” brand, but “Oven Basics” and “Pyrex” are also fine), or know of someone who does, and you aren’t using it any more, please get it touch! My toll-fee number is 877-286-2970. Thank you.

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