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Celebrating 30 years of Iris Herbal

New Year’s greetings, everyone. Hope y’all had a lovely holiday(s), Holy day(s), holidaze….

2012 marks Iris Herbal Product’s 30th anniversary. Holy guacamole, have I really been this focused, fortunate, and yes it’s been a wild ride and more to come. Stay tuned to this blog for “blog -reader-only” specials and sales. I will also be offering deals to those who receive my (sort of) monthly newsletter. You can go HERE to visit my homepage and see what’s new, what’s on sale, and to register for my newsletter.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to focus more on “good news” and positive ways we can make a difference. The following comes from Good News Network:

Top 10 Good News Stories of the Week

  1. 1500 Employees Skip Holiday Party to Transform Local Farm In place of a holiday party, computer technology company NVIDIA conducted one of Silicon Valley’s largest-ever employee volunteer events, with 1,500 employees and family members building structures that transformed a local community farm, donating services and materials totaling $380,000.
  2. Secret Santa Inspires Addict’s Clean Up
    Remember the businessman who gave away hundred dollar bills to strangers in December? One of the people this Secret Santa gave money to is 30-year-old Thomas Coates, a deadbeat by most accounts, including his own. But when the stranger called him a good man, pushing hundreds of dollars into his hand even when he said he didn’t deserve it, a prayer was answered. (Video)
  3. ‘Christmas Miracle’ for Lonely Endangered Rhino
    Conservationists in Malaysia airlifted a young Sumatran Rhinoceros — one of the world’s most endangered animals — from an area where she had no hope of ever seeing another rhinoceros. After monitoring her isolation since 2007, the Sabah Wildlife Department and Borneo Rhino Alliance flew the female rhino, named Puntung to a forest where she would encounter a potential partner.
  4. Annette Dove had no idea that an NBC Nightly News segment would cause an avalanche of donations for her Pine Bluff program that feeds and tutors hundreds of Arkansas children after school. It was Chelsea Clinton’s debut as a “Making A Difference” reporter, when she returned to her home state and found this inspiring story. (Video)

  5. Girl Sends Wish to Santa on 2 Pink Balloons, Answered 700 Miles Away Just eight months ago, a one-acre plot at a Denver public school was an unused athletic field, but now that land has come to life with food-bearing vegetation producing 3,000 pounds of food for the cafeteria.
  6. Teen’s Video About Death Inspires Millions a Week After His Passing

    Millions know his name now. After cheating death three times, Ben Breedlove, 18, finally lost his life on Christmas day, but not before leaving a moving last message recorded for YouTube telling of his three near-death experiences and how at peace he finally felt with his fatal heart condition and the life he would likely soon leave behind.

  7. After Katrina, a Promise Kept: 101 New Homes Built, Donated by CEO
    After watching the devastation of neighborhoods after Hurricane Katrina, Borders CEO Louise Riggio promised to give away new homes to 100 displaced families. At the dedication of the final home, a gospel choir sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” while 55-year-old Corliss Gaines’ eyes swelled with tears.
  8. The Surprisingly Upbeat State of the World: Trends are Strikingly Positive Regular readers of the Good News Network know about these four major areas where global progress is heartening: War is on the decline, poverty is shrinking, women around the world find their lot improving and democracy is spreading. The leading indicators in these four areas cannot be denied.
  9. Woman Loses Wedding Ring, Finds it Growing on Carrot 16 years Later A Swedish woman who lost her wedding ring 16 years ago was flabbergasted when she found it again, around a carrot growing in her garden, media reported Saturday. (BBC)
  10. Missouri Woman Gets $6.1 Mil From State’s Unclaimed Property Office A Kansas City woman got an early Christmas present when she received a state record $6.1 million from the Missouri unclaimed property fund, which works to return stocks, bonds, bank balances and safe deposit box contents to unknown owners. (KC Star)

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 30 years of Iris Herbal

  1. WOW! Congratulations on 30 years! I’m happy to have known you for 20 or so of those yrs! It was either ’90 or ’91 at Michigan. Congratulations! An outstanding achievement!

    1. Thanks, Pam…I remember visiting you after Festival one of those years. So good to savor these long term connections. Onward!

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