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Christmas Cookies

This could also be titled Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, or holiday cookies…Whatever you grew up with. Mine arrived in a recycled chocolate box from my 83-year-old mother. She still makes green shortbread trees with sprinkles and a hint of almond, gingerbread camels, deadly brownies, and a family heirloom: liebkuchen. Every year I swear I will give them away, and every year I eat them in record time. This year I hosted a holiday dance party, and what do you think most folks brought? Yep, Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) cookies!  I was invited to a Solstice party,  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners, and what do you think was dessert? Yes, more delicious home-made cookies. By this time I have a sinus infection and am going through ridiculous amounts of tissue a day…because I don’t eat much sugar and cookies are my weakness, and I always overdo…sigh.

My point being that as a culture, we show love and holiday joy through food, and a major part of that is the traditional (fill in your family’s) homemade cookies. To say no is to refuse love! A New Year’s party is coming up and I feel guilty because I’m taking all the uneaten cookies to inflict them upon others with less will power or more iron constitutions….

Hope your Holy Day / holiday celebrations were sweet (couldn’t resist!) and healthy. May you take good care of yourself as we witness the light returning and the new year approaching.

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