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Mercury: A Common Heavy Metal That Is Not Your Friend

Heavy metal exposure and toxicity is a complicated political and health care hot potato. After doing a bit of research, and bringing to bear my experience, I am putting forth the idea that even if relatively few people present with outright mercury (or other heavy metal) poisoning, most folks carry a burden of mercury and other heavy metals in their body, and reducing that amount is good common sense and active preventative medicine. Also, not everyone is equally sensitive, or equally able to excrete toxicity.

Radiation is a source of heavy metal exposure, and with the melt-through in Japan, and leakages from numerous nuclear facilities, we are adding to our exposure daily, even if in tiny amounts. Industrial accidents are also a source, and since some heavy metals are retained more  (and for longer periods) than others in the body, even exposures from years ago may still be having an effect

For a comprehensive list of symptoms, and the experience of a woman who experienced mercury poisoning go  HERE .

Where do we find mercury?

Mercury is used in the agricultural, paper, coal burning, petrochemical production, fishery and dental industries.

Common items that contain mercury:

1. Dental mercury amalgams

2. Contaminated fish, especially tuna and swordfish

3. Preparation H

4. Vegetables (especially carrots & lettuce) contaminated with pesticide and fungicide sprays

5. Hair dyes

6. Contact lens solutions

7. Laxatives

8. Calamine lotion

9. Vaginal gels, especially contraceptives

10. Mascara

11. Afrin nasal spray

12. Certain perfumes

13. Fungicides for lawns, shrubs and trees

14. Latex paint solvents

15. Fabric softeners

16. Oil paints

17. Pottery glazes

The last two items are the source of heavy metal toxicity which I and several artist friends in the Taos area have experienced first hand, and it was not a pretty picture. All of us found relief using HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) which I’ll talk about more next week.

Tune in next week for detoxification strategies.

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